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Discover the Benefits of Eyelash Extensions:

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The 10 Benefits of Eyelash Extensions:

1) Add volume to your natural eyelashes


2) Enhance your eyes making them look bigger, brighter & sexy


3) Lash extensions will lift your lashes with curl


4) Add length and draw people into your eyes


5)No more mascara


6) Will not damage your natural lashes when applied correctly


7) Lash extensions are water resistant

8) Feel lightweight and natural


9) Lash extensions will add fullness to your natural lashes


10) Lash extensions will give you unique and beautiful look

Your eyes are the windows to your heart and soul and your lashes invite others to know who you are.  At Waterfalls we stock an assortment of individual lashes in different sized, weights, shapes, Russian style volume and colors. Every set of lashes are costume designed based on your desires and applied by an esthetician. We Promise to never put the health of your eyelashes in jeopardy! Lash lifts and tinting may also be the best alternative for you.


Glamour Eyelash Extensions Individual silk, synthetic or 100% Siberian Mink lashes are carefully applied to your eyelashes by a certified professional with over 9 years of experience and instructors' license. Relax on our plush heated tables while listening to soothing music and tranquil aromatherapy. All rooms are private. 


Naturally Flawless

The perfect look for an everyday. A little longer than your natural lashes. One extension for each of your natural lashes.   $165

The Hybrid Mix

A delicate balanced blend of 3D lashes and single lashes to achieve a natural look with glam pizazz.  $185

Red Carpet Ready Volume

3D to 5D lashes are attached to your single lashes creating a amazing look of extreme glam.  Recommended for brides or special occasions. $195

Mink Perfect

100% real Siberian mink lashes, 100% coverage of every available lash. Best if you already have full lashes but want undetectable length.  $265

Lash fill-ins range from $65 to $75.  Members enjoy the standard rate of $55 every 2 weeks and $60 every 3 weeks unless they need extra care add $5-$15

Lash Lift

Your natural lash is chemically permed to lift, curl and last 4-6 weeks. $65

Lash Tinting Upper and Lower

Your natural lashes are tinted using friendly products without peroxide or synthetic dyes. $65

Lash Lift & Tint$120

Strip Lash Installation

Bring your own strip lashes to have them expertly fitted and installed without fear of lifting. 

Lash Removal - $20

Lash Members save $10 at every relash appointment and receive 15% off Lash products - $150 annual fee

Did you know the shape of your eyebrows communicate if you are creative, confident or even stubborn. They express your emotional reaction to life.  The skin care professionals at Waterfalls Salon & Massage Med Spa provide a variety of brow enhancement services. From waxing to Microblading, we shape your brows to enhance the beautiful you.



Microblading Brows - starting at $565
Microblading is a semi-permanent form of cosmetic tattooing that can last up to 18 months depending on your skin type before you will need a touch-up.  Each clients face is expertly analyzed to determine what shape best enhances their natural beauty. Once we are in agreement the brow in drawn on with a brow pencil to mimic what the new brow will look like.   Color, proper measurements and eye shape all are considered in creating the most aesthetically pleasing eyebrow.  After you initial visit you may need to come back in 5 weeks to do refinement work and potentially shadowing work to give a 3D polished look.


What you can look forward to


Some Time Back!! No more penciling.  No more smudging, smearing or fading after normal daily activities.  Post cancer patients, clients with physical challenges, Executives or the super busy Mom can benefit from microblading.  Wake up every morning at least 15 minutes ahead of the day.



Upper $125 each - Lower $100 each.  Upper and Lower together $400. **You will need a driver because you eyes will somewhat swell.  


Lips - $250.

Brow Tinting 

Brows are expertly color matched for your hair and complection and chemically tinted.  Includes brow arching and clean up Last 4-6 weeks $50


Microblading Procedure by Esthetician Meloni 

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