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IV Hydration

S E R V I N G    T H E    R I C H M O N D ,   V A     A R E A    F O R    O V E R    A   D E C A D E   W I T H

located in Glen Allen and now a new full service spa located in lovely Bon Air.

Come enjoy the serene, professional atmosphere you deserve.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Myers Cocktail (Immune/ energy/ hydration)

This IV Hydration reduces seasonal allergies, fatigue and inflammation, and restores natural balance


Hangover formula / Reboot

Great to hit the "reset" button after a long night out, combats hangover-related symptoms (dehydration, headache and nausea)


Inner Beauty/ Fortify skin hair and nails

This IV Hydration reduces appearance of wrinkles, acne, and tired skin


Get Up and Go/ Energy

This IV Hydration helps burn fat, improves energy and boosts metabolism


PMS Relief/ Alleviate

This IV Hydration therapy helps to relive cramps, boost energy, reduce bloating and irritability


Recovery & Performance

This IV Hydration decreases recovery time and enhances athletic performance


Hydrate/ Quench

This IV Hydration hydrates and combats fatigue from dehydration


Immunity/ Immune Defense

This IV Hydration strengthens immune system and clients will feel better faster


Brainstorm/ Cognition

This Brainstorm IV Hydration helps improve mental clarity, memory, focus, and regulates mood


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